“These are truly talented artists. The Coronados are internationally known for their work. If you are looking for personally designed jewelry for special occasions or to share that unique item with a special person, they are great for one of a kind items. Recently, I had a specially designed necklace for wife. She loved it. Give this place a try. They are wonderful.” - Daniel Mcgraw


Welcome to Our Kingdom

The King and Queen, Alvaro and Caroline welcome you to a world of bedazzlement, tradition and vision.


Our mission is to simply provide exquisite customer service with care and expertise no matter the price point. We take pride in the work we do and with environmental consciousness. We embrace the concept of ethical sourcing and we source our materials from conflict free areas. Nothing makes us happier than to welcome you to our kingdom. Personalized service beyond the realm.


Once Upon a Time…

These two humble and talented individuals met in Cartagena, Colombia. Falling in love was an unexpected adventure for the both of them. Alvaro Coronado has been working with jewelry since the tender age of nine. Once he and Caroline sealed the deal and later moved to Virginia, it seemed fitting the two of them would reign side by side in the jewelry business. Thirty-five years later, Alvaro and Caroline have made award winning pieces, repaired numerous necklaces, rings, and the such, and have given the gift of restoration of long forgotten heirlooms, breathing new life into them. They’ve recently amplified their talent with bridal and signature pieces fit for a Queen…or a King!

If you are looking for quality of work from two people who understand craftsmanship, but also listen and creatively assist in making your jeweled dreams come true, visit us today.


“I want you two to know I am falling in love with this ring more and more every time I look at it. I can’t stop pulling it out of the box and staring in amazement at the craftsmanship and design. Words won’t be able to describe Margaret’s reaction when she sees it, I am absolutely certain.” - Chris Epes

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