Alvaro Coronado is an artistic, honest and wonderful jeweler able to create a broad spectrum, from the romantic to the fantastic. Alvaro and Caroline are a warm, community oriented team who take pride in their excellent customer service, design and quality work.
— Elizabeth M.
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Alvaro Coronado is an award winning jeweler and designer who specializes in filigree, metalwork, reproduction, restoration and repair of precious metals, gemstones, and antique jewelry.


The King
Alvaro Coronado

Alvaro Coronado’s fascination with jewelry began at the tender age of 9 where he swept the floors and observed the workers of a jeweler’s bench workshop. He has since been crowned many things with many talents. Alvaro is a multi-faceted renaissance man, sharply dressed and with an observant eye. His experience ranges from far and wide and includes his time in the military where he worked on Naval macramé knots which would soon inspire braiding techniques in his work. He is meticulous when it comes to his work, to ensure every gem, every filament, and every curve of a metal is perfect. Alvaro prides himself in understanding not just the piece he’s working on, but also the story that comes with it. He takes great care and kindness when handling people’s heirlooms. Lover of fashion, design, and music, the Award-winning, Colombian born Coronado, provides service like no other and will make sure that every repair, restoration or creation is done for the highest court.


Signature designer pieces that will impress your wedding guests and make you feel like Harry & Meghan!


Designer Jewelry

Original designs, crowned and made with love.


Dream a Little Dream

Alvaro Coronado can make all your jewelry dreams come true. Restoration and Reproductions for a lifetime.