“The headpieces are so compact I can put them in my kit and voila it’s easy as pie. Yes definitely, ideal for brides marrying abroad in Europe too.”

— Laura Nola Teague, Make-Up Artist, Dollface


The Queen
Caroline Coronado

Caroline Coronado is a woman for all ages. She is an eclectic mix of old hollywood, cosmopolitan chic and contemporary femme fatale. Her designs encapsulate an air of mystery, nature, and class. Caroline has been by Alvaro for 35 years and in those years remains his touchstone, but also has grown into her own individual creator. Her signature head/hair pieces are intricate and worthy of any event. Using materials such as glass, pearls, feathers, and other various beads, Caroline has a knack for creating one of kind visions sure to make you stand out at any event.

Caroline has the special ability to sit with CK’s clients and make them feel like home. She understands the uniqueness of individuality and the comfort of a warm meal. She’s anxiously awaiting for your story and ready to make a piece fit for a Queen.

Caroline specializes in handcrafted hair adornments including fascinators, tiaras, hair combs, crowns, and beadwork.


Bouquets & Such

Bouquets and unique handcrafted creations that last a lifetime.


Personalized hair pieces for any special occasion.


Unique pieces for today’s world.